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It all began with a dream....


since 2017


Growing up in a cooking family Xavier found himself always in the kitchen. Cooking was something that he knew very well and learned to respect at an early age. Early in life, he would spend his summers with his grandparents in Louisiana and travel back and forth to see his Haitian family in Boston, New Jersey and Washington D.C. While learning different styles of cooking, Xavier began to show strong interests in baking as he grew older. 


During his college years at the University of Cincinnati studying International Business and Entrepreneurship, he spent most of his free time cooking with family and friends. One of the things that made him stand out was his way of  intermixing southern creole cooking with Caribbean influence. In addition to this, word quickly spread about his cooking styles and the food he was cooking. It was something he loved doing and he quickly grew a reputation for having great food as well as cakes. 

As founder of Pierre Entities Catering and BB Cakes, Xavier also saw a great niche bringing liquor and cake together that elevated its quality and taste. Before BB Cakes, no one had ever considered mixing cake and liquor on a large scale. The more word spread, the bigger the BB Cakes brand became. Quality, uniqueness, and dependability are what makes Pierre Entities Catering the subject of discussion. Pierre Entities mission is to provide the best possible customer service and products in the most convenient way.  It is Pierre Entities' goal for every consumer to enjoy feeling like they got the most of their food as well as desert.


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